Photo call

Request professional photography services for your personal needs.

KONFERGE understands the peculiarity of certain photo needs of media outlets, corporate organisations, research institutes and individuals; we therefore, provide opportunity for clients to make a request for their desired image.

Thus we offer great solutions that are both convenient and affordable via our Photo Call services. Our platform aggregates professional photographers across Nigeria and we mobilize these professional photographers to deliver the photos to your specifications. You only fill out our photo call form on our website or our mobile app and our associates (photographers) within the location of your desired image would submit your requested image in line with your specifications. You only choose the image that best meets your specifications. This saves you the logistic inconvenience of distance and time.

Target Customers: Media outlets, Institutions, Corporate organisations, Government establishments, Researchers, and Individuals.

How it works

Photo caller requests photo call service

Request for the kind of images you want, and the purpose of the images.

Associates get assigned to the request

Professional photographers within proximity of your specified location are notified about your request and can either accept or decline the request.

Associates provide photo call service

Associates who accepted the request gather, edit and upload photos based on photo caller's specifications.

Photo selection is done by photo caller

User selects photos that most meet her/his specifications

Photo caller makes payment and downloads photos

Photo caller makes payment (after negotiating with Associate) and the has access to download photos.