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We need a daring careerist!
Someone who would cover several more
meters even after breasting the tapes: a non-conformist.


We know what we are looking for and believe there are hints from your CV you might just be it. We see you are conversant with the worlds of online trading, IT, and marketing communications. But beyond that, your CV shows you are likely to want to rewrite the manual rather than win Most Compliant Staff Award.
We want to operate a world class e-enterprise and are carefully seeking out creative people who are not scared of the pains of pioneering a dream.


Are you a habitual rule breaker who is in constant quest for new vistas? Someone that is versatile in what he/she does and passionate about it. Of course, requisite qualifications and experience count, to the extent that they can be proven but we are sure a driven individual would always trump the certificated one.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
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