How to sell photos

Our Quality assurance persons will evaluate the photos submitted before they are approved to see if your photos meet our basic criteria. Approved photos are displayed under “My Images” tab on your dashboard with the “Approved” label.

Sales of photos begin after automatic notification has been sent to the customers’ contacts you provided and all orders placed on your photos from your Photo Store can be monitored from your dashboard.

Have more questions? See our full FAQ, check out our Photo Upload Guide or call +234 (0) 818 782 2222.

It only takes a few minutes to register as an associate on If you’ve already registered as an Associate, you’ll need to LOGIN
Click on “Add Event” button and fill in the details of the event whose photos you are about to upload under the “My Images” tab on the  User’s dashboard after you have logged in as an associate.  The second icon beside your listed event allows you to upload your photos.
Once you’ve uploaded your photos & they have been approved, go back to your dashboard, invite the contacts you have received from the events either via email or phone number.
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