How to Buy

The ideal image upload to Konferge is a JPEG with a pixel dimension of 5100 x 3300 or greater. This equates to a first save Level 12 quality 16 MB JPEG or a 48 MB TIFF with LZW compression. We do accept TIFF uploads, which we automatically convert to JPEGs. There is little demand for file sizes over 50 MB, and no demand for very small files. However, we can accept JPEGs and TIFFs of at least 2500 x 1750 pixels and file sizes up to 100 MB.


We only accept 8 bit files. More importantly, picture buyers have the option to compress any remaining TIFF files as JPEGs before downloading them from the site, and 16 bit files cannot be compressed as JPEGs.

You need to have a registered account with us in order to buy. Registered users can buy using the login details (User Name and Password) created during their registration.

Select Photos

Whether you are looking to buy personal photos taken at an event you attended or photos taken at public event, after login, you would find hundreds of memories of your event or event you attended.

Build Your Order

After selecting photos you want to buy, you can decide the sizes, designs, and production type for your photos. If you wish to just download digital copies of your photos, you can do that by selecting Digital Download.

Process Your Photos

If your order is Digital Download, you will have instant access to download your photos. If you want your order delivered as hardcopies, your order will be safely delivered via our secure shipping methods.


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