How Photo Call Works

How Photo Call Works

The Best and Simplest Way to Request A Photo

We understand the peculiarity of a certain photo needs from media outlets, corporate organizations, research institutions and individuals whereby the images requested could be of certain places, personalities and/or at a certain time. And we offer affordable solutions.

Our platform aggregates thousands of professional photographers across Nigeria and we mobilize these professional photographers to deliver the photos to your specifications. So, no matter the location of the photo you are requesting, be rest assured we have a team of professional photographers there to deliver your request right on time.

How It Works

  • Simply click on photo-call
  • Fill the request form indicating the photo you are requesting, specifications, the deadline for submission and other information
  • Our Associates would upload the images and you would receive a notification to choose and download your best from a wide list of options.


Let us help you make it a lot easier.


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