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How it Works

Provide us with information about yourself and the details of your upcoming events.


Konferge has over 10,000 Associate (Professional) Photographers all across Nigeria and over 200 Associate (professional) Photographers spread across major countries of the world. No matter your location, our Associates are close by to ensure your Event get the best of coverage.



With Konferge, you only pay a Registration Fee of N10,000 as against a higher amount you would pay to hire a photographer.


A Pre-Event Registration with Konferge guarantees multiple coverage by a minimum of Three (3) of our Associates.


Our Multiple Coverage ensures you are able to choose from hundreds of photos on 24 hours after the event.


After carefully selecting your preferred photos on, you will have the choice of determining the sizes, designs, and production type for each photo you select. You can also Build Your Albums or Download /Order Digital copies.

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Are you a Professional Photographer?

If you are a profesional photographer, you can make money on konferge by registering as an associate.

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