Copyright Guidelines for Photographers

You must not upload images to Konferge and offer them for sale if they are not your copyright, unless you have permission to do so from the copyright owner. Under Nigerian law, you automatically have copyright in any photograph you have taken. You do not need to register your right. If you are uploading your own photographs all should be well. If it is not your own photograph, consider who took it and whether you have their permission to market it. If the photographer is now dead consider whether the copyright in their photographs may have been handed on to someone other than yourself.

Copyright can be passed on by contract so make sure that you have not signed away copyright ownership in your own photographs as part of a commission agreement or other contract. Legal problems can arise for the person buying your picture if the object you have photographed has copyright in its own right. If you have photographed a painting, sculpture or other artwork it may be necessary for the image buyer to clear permission with the artist, their estate or agent before they can use your picture. If you believe additional rights clearances are needed when your image is used, you can help the buyer by entering the details in your keywords including the name of the image and artist.

Permission from the artist, architect or owner is not necessary if the sculpture, building or other artwork is permanently situated in a public place and the images are to be used editorially. Above all, please remember this is exclusively your concern. When you agreed to Konferge’s Terms and Conditions, you asserted copyright in the images you upload to our website. If there is any legal dispute over the copyright of any of your images, we cannot and will not support you in a court of law.

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