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Through our innovative service of photo-trading, we provide a platform where customers meet photographers and opportunity meets photography. Our services eliminate the challenges of getting your photos to your customers wherever they may be either at the event or after the events- anywhere in the world. Konferge delivers the photos to your customers via our website where they can pay and download them. And we guarantee your money from them.

Konferge provides you with unlimited opportunities to market your photos to your customers and generate far more income than you presently do. With Konferge you can take as many photos and cover as many events as you wish to know that your photos would be on sale once you upload the images and tag your customers. will store and keep sales of these images ongoing for as long as 12 months at no cost to you. Your photos will get to your customers from 24 hours after the event photos is successfully uploaded and tagging completed. Your customers will get automatically notified through the contact details you provided.

Your dashboard would enable you to monitor your transactions and manage other activities on our website once you’re logged in.

As an Associate, you also also have opportunities to be assigned to cover events registered on thereby improving your income and expanding your audience.

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